Your child is unique and extraordinary.


Therefore, your child deserves uncommon instruction. 

I'm Marie-France, and I firmly believe that:

Each of us process and perceive information differently.

 Children do not learn identically.

 There is more than one way to get from here to there.

My job is to help your child find it. 
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Voice Lessons

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Acting Lessons

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Piano Lessons

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Yes, you CAN command the stage.


Public speaking is the most common universal fear, but that doesn't mean it's a fear that can't be overcome.

When you work with me, I'll teach you how to manage those feelings of self-consciousness and anxiety so that speaking can become an enjoyable process. You'll also learn important skills such as tone modulation, charisma and stage presence, body language, how to connect with your audience, and more.


Presentation Coaching

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Music helps children break free.


Music has been shown to help children develop motor skills, deal with stress, and develop a form of self-expression that opens them up for new experiences and personal growth. Through my own experiences working with children on the spectrum, I have developed a holistic method and curriculum that addresses the unique learning needs of each individual.